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Unlimited Support: $1,800.00


We will partner every step of the way. I will use my expertise as the former College of Medicine Director of Admissions to benefit you throughout the application process. We will stay in the game until the freshman class matriculates in August.

  • PREMED COACH schedules for your convenience:

    • Evening or weekend office appointments

    • Daytime, evening or weekend phone consultations

    • Daytime, evening or weekend emails

  • PREMED COACH provides expertise in all phases of premed engagement:

    • High school students

    • Community college students

    • College or university premed students

    • Under-represented minorities in medicine

    • Non-traditional applicants 

    • Re-applicants  

  • PREMED COACH demystifies hot topics:

    • What MCAT score do I have to have to get in?

    • How many volunteer/shadowing hours do I need?

    • How do I repair an anemic undergrad GPA?

    • Do 2nd or 3rd time applicants stand a chance? 

    • How does the 70% Rule work? 

    • Can I hide a misdemeanor or institutional action?

    • What is cultural competency and how do I get it?

  • PREMED COACH brainstorms with you to:

    • Develop a strategy specific to you but consistent with previously successful applicants.

    • Create a plan to insure you satisfy pre-matriculation requirements and meet application deadlines.

    • Maximize your strengths and address any relevant shortcomings in your application.

    • Explore opportunities for engagement with patient care so you can look into the "face of medicine."

    • Write, revise, and then polish your personal essay until it presents a thoughtful and convincing reflection of your journey towards becoming a physician. 

    • Determine how to select and write about the 15 experiences in the AMCAS application.

    • Identify your three most meaningful experiences and write about how they have shaped you.

    • Discern and reveal the value and relevance of your exploration in the healthcare arena.

    • Practice with mock interview questions and provide feedback to improve your responses and comfort. 

    • Examine the many topics that can arise during a medical school interview and discuss how you can prepare for any surprises.  

    • Reconcile any red flags or conflicting information in your application.  

    • Address any institutional actions or misdemeanors on your record.

PREMED COACH does not provide MCAT test prep.
PREMED COACH does not guarantee acceptance to any medical school.

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