It's About Relationships


It is with mixed emotions that I announce Linda DuPuy, Director of Admissions and Recruitment, plans to retire February 29 after 14–almost 15 years–in the College of Medicine Admissions Office. I do not have adequate words to express how much she has meant to fulfilling the mission of the UAMS College of Medicine admissions office through her visionary leadership, exemplary work ethic and love of applicants and students. Over the years, she has earned the trust, respect, and admiration of hundreds of individuals who were first prospective medical school applicants, then medical students, and now practicing physicians.
Tom South, Assistant Dean of Admissions, College of Medicine, UAMS

The Linda DuPuy Scholarship will live on as a reminder and model of your kindness, understanding, and obvious love of the students and applicants to the UAMS COM. Your guidance, patience, creative zest, and leadership with the Parents Club as well as your overall professionalism and work ethic were appreciated. We are happy for you in your retirement and hope that you are enjoying a fulfilling life beyond the COM but know, that you will be missed.
Ellen Lowery, 2015-16 President, UAMS College of Medicine Parents Club Board


It's About Investing in Others


You are a reason for any success I have had in med school. You will forever be one of the reasons that I am whatever I will become.
Linda Dawn Murphy, UAMS Class of 2017

You take things that are traditionally stressful and disconcerting - like applications and admissions - and turn them into experiences of hope and excitement.
Jordan Fletcher, UAMS Class of 2019

From the first time we spoke on the phone, you have been a powerful force in my medical school decision-making process. In fact, your perspective went way past medical school!
Omair Ali, MD, UAMS Class of 2016

Your involvement in my own journey through the application process has been more influential than any other representative of any other university, and I thank you for that.
Andrew Curley, UAMS Class of 2020

...don't leave us.
Kelsey Shnaekel, MD, Class of 2016

Where do I begin? Words cannot express how much you will be missed! You have been such a bright light of encouragement to myself and countless students! You are consistently joyful and encouraging every time I interact with you. It's so clear that you desire the very best for us and that you are wiliing to do whatever is in your power to help us out. Your passion is obvious in all you do. I know that you have gone above and beyond the call of duty on countless occasions, whether you were recognized or not.
Kristin Mitchell, UAMS Class of 2017

You are incredible! I hope you have an amazing retirement and hopefully, never have to pay for medical care in Arkansas, with the many physicians you've recruited and helped to train. Thanks for everything!
Wilson Alobuia, UAMS Class of 2017

My journey to med school was a long one. However, the time that you spent with me back in 2010 has proven to be a major blessing in my life.
Zeke Rhodes, UAMS Class of 2017

I don't believe the impact you've made in the lives of so many could ever be measured.
T. J. Harris, UAMS Class of 2019

I personally struggled in my pursuit of a medical education but through continued communication with you over the years, I was able to persevere. Your guidance and advice was invaluable in my journey and I thank you for convincing me to "stay the course."
John Coates, UAMS Class of 2019

I can really summarize everything into one sentence: Thanks for being so awesome!! You took our new group of overly neurotic students and walked us through the early steps of med school and kept us grounded, without which we would have undoubtedly had no less than four panic attacks. Thanks for being the best Mother Duck we could've asked for. We'll miss you!!
Dillon Burkes, UAMS Class of 2017

Thank you for everything you've done for me. I would't be here without you. You have been so kind to me and I cannot thank you enough. You were so supportive of me through the admissions process, alternate list, and finishing my application. I think of you every day and am so thankful for your patience and help. I really wouldn't be here without you!!
Marissa De La Paz, UAMS Class of 2018

I cannot believe you are retiring. You were one of the important people who helped me decide on this path. I need you to know that I will really miss seeing you.
Neriman Kockara, UAMS Class of 2020

As applicants, it made such a difference to have someone like you to help us through that momentous, terrifying process.
Jet Patterson and Ashley Ederle, UAMS Class of 2019

I am currently living my dream as a med student and you helped me get here!
Brendan Moore, UAMS Class of 2019

Thank you for your amazing patience every time I called from Turkey and with all the emails on the weekend. I'm pretty much convinced that I wouldn't be here without you. Thanks for being so chill.
Samantha Puckett, UAMS Class of 2019

Your legacy will live on with the thousands of students who have always thought of you as family.
Dallas Johnson, UAMS Class of 2019

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us! I was so impressed to see how willing you were to go above and beyond to help us and to see how much you cared about both your current medical students and applicants.
Vasu Suresh Kumar, UAMS Class of 2019

I am forever grateful for all of your kindness and guidance over these past few years. You played one of the greatest roles in helping me reach my dream.
Daniel Escobar, UAMS Class of 2019

I really hope you realize what an impact you have made on the lives of terrified premed students.
Emily Callaway, UAMS Class of 2019

It was an unparalleled privilege having your assistance during my admissions process, and I am eternally grateful for all of your aid.
Harrison Lowder, UAMS Class of 2019

I can't put into words how much I appreciate your guidance on my journey, not only to medical school but personally as well. You are a wonderful role model to women and your kindness and compassion for your students (we are yours, you'd claim us, right?) is unparalleled.
Zusana Sisperova, UAMS Class of 2019

You will be truly missed.
Kori Mansfield-Harris, UAMS Class of 2019

Thank you for all the individual attention you provided each of us. I certainly appreciated and respected your advice as we discussed my application a year ago.
Sarah Beth Theriot, UAMS Class of 2019

Without you, our dreams would have been a bust. When it comes to picking med students, you're the absolute best.
Annsley Garner, UAMS Class of 2019

I still remember the first time we spoke. You are wonderful to talk to, an amazing personality, quick to smile and laugh, and naturally put people at ease.
Michael Elkins, UAMS Class of 2019

I couldn't have done it without your help.
Yinan Yang, UAMS Class of 2019

Without you, the entire application process would have been much more stressful.
Sarah Martin, UAMS Class of 2019

Thank you so much for all the work you have done over the years to help applicants wade through the application process. I remember speaking with you on the phone after not getting in the first year that I applied. You were so helpful and encouraging. I really appreciated that you care about every applicant, not just the ones who get in.
Megan Scarbrough, UAMS Class of 2019

Thank you so, so much for your work with students - and with me personally - over the last few years I have known you. Your successor will have some huge shoes to fill.
Eric Peeler, UAMS Class of 2019

You are a big reason why I made it to med school and I'll be forever grateful.
Anne Nguyen, UAMS Class of 2019

Though I have only known you for a short amount of time, your kindness and willingness to help have been permanently etched into my memory.
Arun Gunasekaren, UAMS Class of 2019

Thank you for all your hard work over the years in helping students achieve their dreams.
Ryan Mantooth, UAMS Class of 2017

You have been a tremendous support and advocate for us lowly students and applicants. I have really felt trusted and supported by your work and your invitations and counsel. So thank you again for your awesome work, your dedication (which has been a fantastic example to me), and all your encouragement.
Joshua Booth, MD, UAMS Class of 2016

I wish you the very best in your next endeavor as a Premed Coach. I am more than certain that you are going to impact a lot of students' lives, and their motives to become the future physicians will be strengthened by your work. Such a great way to put your incredible experience to work. I am looking forward to hearing lots of success stories.
Aloys Nsereko, UConn Class of 2020

As always, you were great and it's inevitable that you leave us feeling motivated to stretching and reaching towards our goals.
Jemarcus Brider, DO School Class of 2020

You always had the time to speak with me, answered all my questions, gave me the advice I needed even when it was a hard truth. All of this you did with a smile and I cannot thank you enough.
John Ukadike, DO School Class of 2020

I would not be in medical school today without your help. We will miss you.
Lauren Eads, UAMS Class of 2017

You could really have another career in motivational speaking!
Joy Peebles, Area Vocational-Technical Center, Russellville